GoodGym Run for Cafe Connect!
7th August 2017
Tottenham Cafe Connect now called Living Under One Sun Community Cafe & Hub
27th May 2019

Our Spacehive Campaign Reached the Goal!

Many thanks to everybody who believed in this project! Everything is possible when communities come together


Great News!

Thanks to the support of the people of the community, of the local and national businesses who pledged, and to the help of the Mayor of London fund, we finally managed to achieve our crowdfunding goal.

Tottenham's Cafe Connect will be a reality!

Our Crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive, which started on 15th of June, has reached the £44000 goal two weeks before deadline. We are already at work to deliver the project in the quickest and best way as possible, to give to the community an amazing hub and cafe for all the people of Tottenham.


Time To Work! Everybody is Welcomed to Participate!

We will update you on this website, as well as on Living Under One Sun and HAIL pages and social media, about the delivery of the project. We are so happy to have received all this support and we can't wait to use all our energies and resources to create a welcoming, inclusive, inspiring, natural space for the community to meet, share skills, stories, ideas and become a community even more.

Well done Tottenham!You deserve it

See you on Saturday 23rd for The Big Clean Up Day: a community volunteering day to help tidying and cleaning Tottenham's beautiful Community Hub Cafe!