The Queens Award for Voluntary Service goes to LUOS!
7th June 2017
LUOS on London Live News!
13th July 2017

Tottenham's Cafe Connect - Spacehive Crowfunding Project

We have just launched our crowdfunding project called "Tottenham's Cafe Connect". Please, Join and Support Us!

Living Under One Sun, together with HAIL, have secured the permission from Haringey Council to transform the disused Down Lane Park Bowling Club and Green into a vibrant community hub and Cafe!

Our idea is to create a welcoming space for people of Tottenham to gather and connect, in an area of London undergoing large scale, intense housing changes. Tottenham has much more to offer than land for development. It has people and nature, and its spaces hold our stories and our heritage. We will provide a safe place for people of all ages, status, abilities and cultures to share ideas and aspirations. Where they can be up-skilled and active, have positive conversations, and an impact on what happens in their neighbourhood.

To achieve this unique opportunity we need your help! Check link for more details!